Heathen Harvest about Cosmospir:
Czajkowska is more than happy to experiment with all kind of vocal noise-making, though always in a tasteful and subtle fashion. Her brand of experimentation has a deep sensibility – this is not just vocal shock tactics unleashed for superficial effect.

Joanna Kasztelaniec, review
Her music overturns categories through a fluid blend of classical instruments, experimental vocal technique and electronic spectrum arrangements.
The dark alchemic laboratory in a deserted factory, the walls of which are breathing still with industrial noise. The space is sinking into strange sacral whispers and through the broken panes birds are flying in. The roar of the wind and the dripping of raindrops. From this mosaic of sounds the golden ringing of voice appears, cutting the thick air. This abstract landscape came to me from the sounds of the Cosmospir album.

felthat - reviews about Cosmospir:
Summing up 2013 I cannot omit India Czajkowska, polish-born vocalist and multi-instrumentalist of eye-opening projects and jaw-breaking skills and talents. Cosmospir is one of them albums which will never leave you indifferent.
India has very easy recognisable style - on the very edge of classical ambient style electronics mixed up with electroacoustic style school of experiments set up high up in the clouds by her dreamy vocals of very deep mannerism and ranging from whisper to deep trombone like vows.
Cosmospir is very ingenious blend of illustrative piano and synth together with story told by vocals and gentility of female sensitivity set in all this.
It is a multi-coloured soundtrack of sweeps and brushes of sound - illustrative and yet the story is told in grandeur manner - story you can taste bit by bit.

Mirrorman & India Czajkowska :: Secretia (Zoharum) - Igloo Magazine