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filmWilkoń 88 documentary, director: Mariusz Malec, 2018
film SFashion(La Neoborghese Via Crucis), feature film, director: Mauro John Capece 2016, Italy
Premiere: Montreal World Film Festival /Festival des Films du Monde de Montreal - FFM.

Cover SFashionCorinanr1
filmLa Scultura, feature film, director: Mauro John Capece, 2015, Italy.
Montreal World Film Festival
LAIFF ( Los Angeles) Best Foreign feature
Indie Fest.Film Awards (San Diego)
Movie Awards (Jakarta)
Philadelphia Indipendent Film Festival
St Tropez International Film Festival

La SculturaLa SculturaLa Scultura
filmSolange, short film, director: Patryk Jurek, 2013
filmGolfista, documentary, director: Andrzej Titkow, 2012
Stanislaw Aronson was born 1925 in Warsaw to a wealthy Jewish family. When the WWII started, his happy childhood ended up forever. (...) During the deportation to Treblinka Extermination Camp, the seventeen years old Stanislaw jumped off the train. He quickly found a way to the anti-Nazi Resistance and became a soldier of an elite Home Army Unit. He has participated in many sabotages and subversion acts and he also fought in Warsaw Uprising. Later in Italy he joined the II Corps of General Anders’s Army and then settled in Palestine. He took part in war for the independence of Israel. He worked over 20 years in the Office of the Spokesman of Israeli Army. He has never told anyone about his heroic past, not even his family.
theatreLunatix, Theatre Limen, butoh dance performance, director: Sylwia Hanff, 2011
Lunatix is an intuitive performance by butoh dancers, musicians and an analogue visualisation artist.In the Lunatix project there are experienced butoh dancers with expressive artistic personalities:
Sylwia Hanff – a dancer, choreographer, director,
Rui Takayuki Ishihara – a butoh dancer and choreographer
Irena Lipińska – a dancer and photographer,
Katarzyna Żejmo – a dancer, and multimedia artist,
Krzysztof Jerzak – AIKIDO adept and butoh dancer.
India Czajkowska & Maciek Cierliński - music
CineMaNual - Special Active Projections –  analogue picture projection
Teatr Limen has performed at many international festivals and in different centres across Poland. The company has received several awards at theatre and dance competitions. Until now they have produced eight performances and many short forms and improvisations.
theatreEmergency exit, ADEKADA move theatre, director: ADEKADA, 2011
theatreMudra butoh dance’ performance,  director: Sylwia Hanff , 2010
theatreSuccubus- Incubus, Theater Dichotomia, interdisciplinary performance, 2009
World premiere at the PPA Festival
Wroclaw, Poland, March 21, 2009
Theatre Dichotomia & Special Guests
According to medieval European legend, a succubus is a demon who takes the form of a beautiful woman to seduce men in dreams to have sexual intercourse with them - Their male counterpart is the incubus. The medieval pre-occupation with sin sought to account for such guilt-producing behavior by providing such supernatural explanations.
Co-Directors, choreography, performers: Monika Strzelczyk,
Grant Hennessy
Choreography, performer: Sylwia Hanff
Percussion, Shruti Stick, vocals, performer: Ganesh Anandan
Vocals, multi-instrumentalist, performer: India Czajkowska
Succubus- Incubus
filmEnslaved Poznan, documentary, historic drama, director: Marcin Krzysztoń, 2008

Enslaved PoznanEnslaved Poznan
filmPseudonim Anoda historical TV movie, director: Mariusz Malec, 2007
Actors: Lukasz Dziemidok, Jan Englert, Grażyna Barszczewska, Joanna Sydor

theatreOn The Way, Te'art KAM, move theatre, director: Kama Jankowska, 2007

filmSummer Love, Polish Western, feature film, director: Piotr Uklanski, 2006
Written and directed by Piotr Uklanski
director of photography- Jacek Petrycki
edited by Mike Horton
produced by Mr. Uklanski, Staffan Ahrenberg and Hamish Skeggs.

Actors: Val Kilmer (the Wanted Man), Boguslaw Linda (the Sheriff), Karel Roden (the Stranger), Katarzyna Figura (the Woman)

Val Kilmer stars as the corpse of a wanted man in this western exploring the greed and iniquity of the lawless frontier. When a stranger rides into a small town toting the lifeless body of a noted outlaw, his intentions are to collect the bounty and be on his way.
Director Piotr Uklanski breaks new ground in the realm of Polish cinema with this symbolic Western that can be viewed as either contemporary art or simple entertainment. The first Polish Western in the history of cinema, Summer Love opens as the nameless stranger (Karel Roden) gallops into town toting the corpse of a wanted man (Val Kilmer). Subsequently entering into an affair with the local barmaid (Katarzyna Figura), the stranger soon becomes embroiled in a sordid love triangle between the pretty drink slinger and the booze-guzzling sheriff (Boguslaw Linda).
Jason Buchanan, (Rottentomatoes)Rovi

Summer LoveSummer Lovesummer_loveSummer LoveSummer LoveSummer LoveSummer LoveSummer LoveSummer LoveSummer LoveSummer LoveSummer Love

filmDwie strony krat, documentary, director: Irek Dobrowolski, 2006
filmMasz już to documentary, director:  Andrzej Titkow, 2006
filmSierra Leone. Przepustka do życia, documentary, director: Mariusz Malec, 2006

theatreChodzil wilk..., Teatr Wytwórnia, theatre play, director: Radek Dobrowolski, 2006
The performance, based on the traditional Polish tales, written and directed by Radoslaw Dobrowolski. This symbolic story reveals prejudies and stereotypes of thinking about good and evil.

Znaki wodne, short film, director: Damian Grabarski, 2006
Silence short film, director: Emil Borgossian, 2006
theatreCyanide at five, TEATRE TVP, theatre play by Pavel Kohout, director: Andrzej Titkow, 2005
Actors: Sława Kwaśniewska, Joanna Przybylska

Cyanide at five
filmPostcard from Kosovo documentary, director: Esat Fejza, 2005

filmNa cętce źrenicy,  documentary, director: Andrzej Titkow, 2004
An attempt to show the personality and art of  Polish painter and writer, Ewa Kuryluk. A piece on the joy and hardship of creating. A tale of this multi-talented and unconvencional artist.

filmDół short film,  director: Sebastian Durbacz, 2003
filmAlgeria.The Nameless War (dokum.) reż. Agnieszka Lukasiak,
Co-operation with composer Bartek Gliniak, 2001

theatreBliskość ziemi, Theater 108, theatre play, director: Piotr Filonowicz,2000
filmPoland's New Jews documentary, director:Gerard Wilson, 2000

Australian documentary made by Nolan Menachemson, a young Australian Jew, who travels to Warsaw to learn about the Poland of his grandparents, but also discovers some truths, both disquieting and reassuring, about contemporary Polish-Jewish relations.