Current projects


Multimedial, international group created with:
Gergo Borlai - drummer (Hungary)
David Kollar - guitarist (Slovakia),
Andrea Ladanyi - dance, choreography (Hungary)

International group performing together since 2012. The first, basic version of the project created by three musicians: David Kollar (SK), India Czajkowska (PL) and Gergo Borlai (H
and Hungarian dancer Adrea Ladanyi. In the new edition of the project they cooperated also with great Norweggian guitarist- Eivind Aarset and ,and two more guest musicians who were performing with Artrance are: Bjorn Charles Dreyer (guitar, Norway) and Lenka Dusilova from Czech.(Prague, NOD Teatro 2013)



India Czajkowska - vocal, piano, flute
Marek Kanclerz - drums
Michał Gagucki - guitar
Jacek Mering - bass

The new edition of the quartet Orbita Żoliborz. The intensive rythms and psychodelic spaces, nu-jazz vibrations based on the classical trio: guitar, drums, bass mixed with the  electronic sounds and voice.  The instrumental forms and songs.

Gigs and Festivals: OPEN EGG FESTIVAL Contemporary Center (CSW WARSAW) (the  artisic project of  Christopha Draegera) 2007,w ramach  Sztuka nad Wisłą Festival -PRZEMIANY 2009 (Barka, TransFORM), Rewizje 2009 ,WARSAW SUMMER JAZZ DAYS and in: SATURATOR Club, HYDROZAGADKA, CDQ, NO MERCY,Skład Butelek.



India Czajkowska - vocals & Mirrorman - electronics

TAŃCE SNU (Dances of The Dream)

India Czajkowska - vocals, piano, flute
Sebastian Madejski - vocals, synthesizers
Guest musicians: Dominik Błacha, Paweł Prochnowski, Adam Rozenman, Martin Daniel Zorzano

Two experimental, inconvenient voices, male and female, joined in the contemporary project that gets some inspirations from the eastern and medieval motives. The original compositions and opened forms of improvisations with the use of live electronic modification of the voice. The songs to the accompaniment of synthesizers, guitar, flute and zither and viola da gamba.The climate of the vocal dialogues, vocalises reveals the far spaces recolling unknown worlds from the ambient world.In September 2014 the album Dances Of The Dream will be released by label Zoharum.
The concert usually is supported with the analogue visuals or special film impressions.


India Czajkowska - vocals, piano, flute
Ryszard Latecki (trumpet)
Maciek Cierlinski (hurdy - gurdy, loop station)
The album was released in the end of 2010  by Obuh Records.

Mermago is an mprovising trio created in 2007 with Ryszard Latecki and Maciej Cierliński,the musicians  connected with experimental music. The first album,Trio Mermago was released in 2010 by legendary independent label Obuh, Poland. One another musician cooperating with Mermago is Bart Pałyga (cello).
The film impression directed by Adam Kruk,inspired by the third part of the album, This is our life (Oto nasze życie)


DUO India Czajkowska & David Kollar

A free jazz/experimental duo with young generation Slovakian guitarist and composer. The cooperation started in 2011 with recordings of  film music.(Tower, Fourth Elements) Since 2012 India Czajkowska and David Kollar have been performing many concerts in duo ( Radiohead Awards- Bratislava; film festival - Eastsider  - Presov;  Orava Jazz Festival, Jazsix- Prague; POSTMUART Festival - Nitra). Besides, they created a multimedia group Artrance (with Gergo Borlai-drums, Andrea Ladanyi-dance) And as well they played gigs in trio with Tadeusz Sudnik (live electronics) – Fuzie Festival- Bojnice (SK), Ad Libitum-Warsaw 2013.

India Czajkowska & David KollarIndia Czajkowska & David KollarIndia Czajkowska & David KollarIndia Czajkowska & David KollarIndia Czajkowska & David KollarIndia Czajkowska & David KollarIndia Czajkowska & David KollarIndia Czajkowska & David Kollar

Cosmospir Summum - multimedia performance

The main inspiration and starting point for the videos, choreography and visuals was the album Cosmospir  (a Hic Sunt Leones release). The concert is complemented by the video-art, costiums (Dominika Bułaczynska) and butoh dance (Sylwia Hanff). It resembles an unreal sleep ritual clashing with patches of reality represented by industrial spaces and big-city noise. The intention is to transfer the audience to another, intangible dimension, emphasized by the songs in an unknown language. The music is stylistically set in experimental and avantgarde climates, with electronics and vocals processed in real time. The different parts of video-art created: Arkadiusz Rączka, Chris Dąbrowski, Gamid Ibadullajev. Scenograhy: Emil Biernacki

live music: India Czajkowska ( vocal, synth, flute), Tadeusz Sudnik (live electronics), Maciej Cierliński  (hurdy- gurdy) Cinemanual -analogue visuals.

Cosmospir SummumCosmospir SummumCosmospir SummumCosmospir SummumCosmospir SummumCosmospir SummumCosmospir SummumCosmospir SummumCosmospir SummumCosmospir Summum

LIVE, Contemporary Theatre, Wrocław